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Your wedding stationery is the first thing your guests will see, and it sets the tone for your big day.

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The Process

Every bespoke commission is done in a process of four steps, from an initial consultation call, to a sketched first draft, to the final painting and finishing touches.

Step One:

Understanding your Vision

I offer all my clients a complimentary consultation call, where we go through your vision for your wedding day. I’ve taken inspiration from everything from family crests, to wedding floral arrangements, to something as personal and unique as a beloved grandmother’s lace veil.

After our call, I’ll provide a provisional quote and timeline for your commission. If you wish to proceed, a 50% booking fee is required at this point in order to secure the booking.

Step two:

First Drafts

On the back of our consultation call, I’ll create a sketched draft to help you visualise your concept before the painting begins. In this stage, you’ll get the possibility to make up to three revisions to the design. I’ll provide colour swatches, so you are fully confident in the vision before the painting begins.

Due to the nature of watercolour paintings, this is the last stage to make adjustments to the composition, as it isn’t possible to make adjustments once the painting has begun.

Step three:


Once you’ve signed off on the sketches and colour swatches, the painting can begin. You’ll receive photographs showing your painting come to life, and can request the process be filmed.

Once you’ve signed off on the finished illustrations, the remaining 50% deposit will be due before your artwork is released to the printers.

Step four:

Finishing Touches

Wax seals, illustrated envelope liners, handmade ribbons, calligraphy and more – once you’ve signed off on your final artwork, you may want to turn your attention to the finishing touches.

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Availability: I only accept a limited number of commissions every year, due to the time-intensive nature of my work. I want to ensure I give each project my full attention,

Exclusivity: Please note, my illustrations are licensed on a non-exclusive basis. Unused designs may be turned into a house collection suite. Venue illustrations can be used by another event at the same venue.