Cutler’s Hall, London

The first record of “A House of the Cutlers’, was mentioned in 1285 as being on (or near) the site of the present Mercers’ Hall. Records show that by the first part of the 15th century, the company of Cutlers had settled in a building on Cloak Lane, near present-day Cannon Street Station. This second building was substantial and boasted a garden with a well, and a vinery.

However, by 1660 (some 250 years later) the building was in need of extensive repairs and modernisation and the decision was made to rebuild it entirely. Six years later, just after the final bills had been paid, the Great Fire of London sadly destroyed the newly rebuilt property. This was only a minor setback for the company of cutlers, however, who quickly rebuilt a new Hall which was opened by September 1670. This Hall was used for another 200 years until 1882, when the Metropolitan and District Railway Company bought the site by compulsory purchase.

The fifth and final Hall is the present Cutler’s Hall. This building was designed by Mr T. Tayler Smith, and built on Warwick Lane. It was first opened on March 7th, 1888. The building is fronted by a gorgeous detailed facade, and the Cutler’s royal coat of arms.

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