Scottish Highlands

The Concept

An all-white wedding suite, set against the backdrop of Archerfield House in East Lothian, Scotland. A custom monogram, incorporating their wedding botanicals, would feature throughout.

The before-the-day stationery included a custom envelope featuring their wedding crest, the invitation and additional information card. The additional information card featured extra information, including transport to and from the venue, nearby accommodation, gifts, dress code and emergency contacts.

The Map

The bride and groom grew up in two different countries, and have many friends from around the world. They wanted to pay tribute to the vast distances some of their guests would be travelling. We decided that the perfect place to do this would be on the wedding map. San Jose, Barcelona, London, Seoul and Berlin are all represented, along with their respective mileage.

The wedding map features four key elements; Edinburgh castle (the closest airport), St Mary’s Church (the ceremony location), Archerfield House (the reception location and accommodation), and an iconic Highland cow. All elements were painted in watercolour, with great attention to detail.

Archerfield House was painted at a much larger scale, as it featured in a number of locations at a larger scale, including the seating chart. A wedding guest approached me separately, and requested to purchase the original as a wedding gift for the newlyweds.

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