Carlowrie Castle, Scotland


Carlowrie Castle, nestled in the heart of Scotland’s West Lothian region, has a rich and storied history that spans several centuries. The castle’s origins date back to the early 19th century when it was constructed for George Wauchope, a prominent Scottish landowner, and politician.

Designed by the renowned Scottish architect David Bryce, Carlowrie Castle is a prime example of the Scottish baronial architectural style that was in vogue during the 19th century. One of the most striking features of Carlowrie Castle is its impressive facade, characterized by its turrets, crenellated walls, and ornate stonework. Ivy covers the stonework; green in summer, and russet-red in the autumn. Surrounding the building are beautiful, sprawling landscaped gardens.

During its early years, the castle served as the residence of the Wauchope family, who were part of the Scottish aristocracy. The family played a significant role in local politics and were prominent landowners in the region. The castle was not only a symbol of their social status but also a reflection of the grandeur and opulence associated with the Victorian era.

One of the most intriguing chapters in Carlowrie Castle’s history unfolded during World War II when it was requisitioned by the British government to serve as a military hospital. The castle became a place of refuge and healing for wounded soldiers during this tumultuous period. This wartime role added another layer of historical significance to the castle, as it became a site of compassion and care amid the chaos of war.

Recent renovations have transformed Carlowrie Castle into an exclusive venue for weddings and events. The castle’s current owners have tried to retain many of the period furnishings, rich tapestries and grand chandeliers, creating a portal to a bygone era of grandeur; a unique glimpse into the lifestyle of Scotland’s 19th century aristocracy.

This really is a castle straight from a fairytale!

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